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Booklet elements

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


The booklets, Signifier/signified, will incorporate elements including: repetition, variance, ambiguity, context, texture, weave, a joining together, part-whole relations, unfolding, a critical mass, traces, residue, impressions, thresholds, margins, possibility, attentional shifts, gaps, foregrounding, backgrounding, connectors, connections, associations, containment, domain-internal relations, manipulations, pliability, expectations, salience, innovation, supplementation, augmentation, enhancement,  

RaAM8 Presentation Proposal, PhD Workshop Outline and Artwork/Poster Proposal

Thursday, March 18th, 2010




Making Word:Mass

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Words Articulated (2009) 

Word:Mass (2010) will be a development of Words Articulated (2009), a concertina book, measuring 455cm x 40cm fully extended.


WORD:MASS ~ RaAM8 Conference Artwork

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

This blog documents the development of a new artwork Word:Mass being created for the RaAM8 conference at VU Amsterdam, 30 June to 3 July 2010. The artwork will be created on a large sheet of paper, which subsequently will  be cut into pieces and made into booklets (mini-artworks).  Each conference delegate will receive one of these booklets.


Each mini-artwork will be unique, yet part of a complex whole, in a signifier-signified chain of word-meaning relations (i.e. there will be a continuous deferral of meaning). The print paper will have a distinctive texture and may also be embossed. There will be a sense of visual depth, subtlety, and ambiguity. There will be printed words, connectors, coloured dots, digital code (e.g. MS Word text could be viewed in WordPad or other code revealing software). The mini-artworks will have bookbinding attributes, such as folding (using embossing tool and rebate) stitching, ribbon ties, case (cover) and possibly a box.


Rubber-stamped information, including section/number, my initials (in red ink). The main text will include the title (Word:Mass: metonymic meaning expansion), project description, contact details: artist’s name, email, mobile no. website URL. The ‘essentials’ will determine the minimum size of each mini-artwork. The number of conference delegates and staff will determine the size of the artwork as a whole (200 – 400 delegates?).


At the RaAM8 Conference Poster Session I will display a complete version of the artwork, i.e. ‘uncut’). The poster will be made using vector graphics to enable it to be presented in various formats and scales. This blog will be displayed as a PowerPoint presentation during the Poster Session. In addition, I will display materials and tools used to create the artwork, in order to reveal ‘material thinking’, i.e. folding, scoring, embossing, stitching, stamping, signing, printing,